Cardboard Grades

Offering a customised service, we can manufacture any box or packaging design in any size from our high-quality cardboard grades. Grades include E, B, C, and B/C flute. We source our cardboard from leading suppliers in the packaging industry to ensure that we provide quality packaging at competitive prices. To find out more about our cardboard box and packaging manufacturing service or to place an order, please contact us.

Wall Types
Wall Types

E Flute

Our E Flute single wall corrugated cardboard is 2mm thick and is ideal for a range of applications such as POS box displays, inner containers, die cut boxes, and more. It is lightweight and has a smooth surface making it perfect for printing on.

B Flute

B flute corrugated cardboard grade is single walled and 3mm thick. Its smooth, flat surface is excellent for printing on and it is suitable for inner packaging, die cut designs, and more making it a versatile choice for all types of packaging.

C Flute

C flute corrugated cardboard is single walled and measures at 4mm in thickness. It is stronger than E and B flute cardboard.

B/C Flute

Our B/C flute cardboard grade is double walled and measures at 7mm thickness. This is a popular grade for shipping boxes and packaging for items that require a higher level of protection.

What cardboard grade do I need?

The grade you need will depend on what the packaging will be used for. For lighter items E or B flute will be perfectly adequate. If you need a stronger, more durable option, C flute will be best. For heavy items and products that need a high level of protection in transit, you should opt for double walled B/C flute.

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Contact Wyedean Packaging for Advice on Cardboard Grades

If you need help choosing the best cardboard grade for your needs, then please call us and we will be happy to assist you.

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